Indus Valley: Terracotta Statues, People and Gods

Indus Valley, c. 3000 - 2000 BC. Excellent Mehrgarh head from Baluchistan. Depicts a female wearing an ornamented veil. Traces of white slip with mineral and earthen deposits. H: 1 5/8". Mounted on stand (total height 2 3/8"). Ex German private collection; ex Arte Xibalba, FL. #AP2413: $399 SOLD

Indus Valley, c. 3000 - 2000 BC. Choice Mehrgarh head from Baluchistan. Depicts a female adorned with an intricate ornamental headdress over her incised coif. The white slip shows extensive mineral deposits. H: 1 1/4". Mounted on stand. Ex German private collection. #AP2415: $325 SOLD

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Interesting Indus Valley terracotta figure of a man. His arms are outstretched, hair in a hair piece and wears an ornate spiral-bangle necklace. Delicate facial features, phallus extended as well. #417: $125 SOLD

Interesting Indus Valley terracotta torso of a woman. She has large breasts and her hair is pulled back to two pigtails over the shoulders and she has a wide, smiling mouth. #418: $75 SOLD

Indus Valley, c. 2500 - 2000 BC. A beautifully detailed Mehrgarh head and torso from Baluchistan. This choice example is 1 1/4 inches (33 mm) high and depicts an ornately attired female wearing a necklace and headdress. Good mineral deposits. Mounted on stand (entire piece stands 2 inches (48 mm) tall. Ex German private collection; ex-Arte Xibalba, FL. #AP2475: $325 SOLD

Central Asia, c. 5 th – 6 th Century AD. A terracotta head from a figure with a large headdress resembling a turban and earrings. The style resembles some of the later Kushan or Gupta figures. Some wear and light encrustation, but an interesting and very beautiful piece. Artifact itself measures 2 1/4 inches tall, mounted on custom brass and marble stand. $199. SOLD

Indus Valley, 3rd Millennium BC. Fantastic ceramic fertility figure of a woman. Wearing a collar and headdress with large rosettes, her facial features nicely detailed with large coffee bean eyes, her hair straight at each side of face and pulled into a long queue down her back. The figure’s limbs are shorted and dress and pubic region indicated by incised lines and floral attachments. H: 3 5/8" (9.3 cm). Ex English private collection. Rare! #AP2146: $399 SOLD

Indus Valley. Excellent Mehrgarh Female Bust.
A lovely Mehrgarh female bust, c. 3500 – 2000 BC. It is 2-1/4" high and depicts a female with flowing hair and large breasts wearing a broad collar or chest piece. Mounted on stand. Fantastic detail, extremely well-preserved! Ex Birch estate. n1uy-#AP2054:

Indus Valley. Excellent Mehrgarh Female Bust.
An exquisite Mehrgarh female bust, c. 3500 – 2000 BC, depictinga young female with a simple headdress. She is wearing a broad collar or chest piece just touching her breasts. Good mineral deposits. H: 2" (5 cm). Mounted on stand. Ex Birch estate. #AP2099: $425